Judy Hoops Dentist


Zootopia Hidden Letters GameJudy Hoops has decided to pay you a visit and bring you another new and fun game for today. This time your friend wants you to join her and spend some amazing time together. In the last few months. Judy has started eating alot of candy and other sweets and now she has some dental problems. All of her teeth need to be checked up and the ones that need, to be repaired. Here in this new and fun online game that we have to offer especially for you, you are invited to join your friend and help her by playing the role of her dentist. The job is simple as you will have all the needed instructions offered by the game as well as the medical tools that you will have to use in the game. Judy wants to have her bright smile again and without even a single dental problem. She also decided to quite eating so many sweets becayse is not good for her health. Come and play this new and fun game that Judy has to offer especially for you and have fun together!Have fun! free play game online on Mrbeangames.me

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

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