Judy Hopps Skin Care Spa


Judy Hopps is a cute and small bunny who happens to be a policewoman and she is very good at what she does and she is also very busy so she doesn't really have time for makeovers and dress up fashion sessions, but this time she it is weekend and Judy Hopps, the best policewoman in Zootopia, feels like she needs a makeover . So you kids get to take her to the spa, so this is a spa game too and treat her with all kind of moisturizing creams and things like that,you just have to pay attention to the instructions even if it is a girls game and in the end you have to really use your creativity too when it comes to the make up and dress up part of this Zootopia game, Judy Hopps will be really happy you kids helped her out. Much fun! Enjoy!

How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game.

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