Mario And Luigi Best Adventure


In this game one of the players will use the arrow keys to control Mario and the second player will use the keys w, a, s, d to control Luigi. Mario and Luigi are brothers and are part of many adventures together and working together to get through all the obstacles and all the enemies that stand in their way. They mins fun together and incredible adventures. It now appears that our heroes have given the obstacles that give them great trouble and need help. We have to give everything your best to fulfill your goal of each level: you must collect all the coins before they reach the end of the route. It is quite difficult because you have to pay attention to the enemies. If you enter enemy will lose if you run out of life and life will have to start from the beginning. Give of your best to get among the best players. As you progress into higher levels will be increasingly difficult obstacles to go with Mario and Luigi.

How to play:

Use arrows or ASDW to move.

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