Mario Protect


Mario has requested this special task, which consists of killing as many little creatures as it is possible because they are not that innocent as they firstly seem to be. Their main purpose is to kill Mario and for this, they need to get down the tower to the scratches, destroying it successfully and for this they need to get in touch with it. Mario Bros is up there, in the top of the tower and his goal is to do not let them reach the tower and he will do this by shooting them! Use the mouse in order to aim perfectly the targets, shooting them in the heads or wherever, for killing them as soon as it is possible. They are coming in waves so as you've accomplished a wave, you've leveled up so you've earned some money. Invest them in new weapons, more and more powerful because the opponents are getting more powerful and more than usually. Good luck!

How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game.

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