Nick and Judy Searching for Clues


Zootopia Games category on our website, free play game on .in this game called Nick and Judy Searching for CluesAs you may already know, Judy is a police officer, and she is now working with the criminal Nick Wilde to solve a crime together. Now, they need your help to search for clues for them to advance in the investigation, which is what you will do in this game. The clues are hidden letters in images, so basically this is a hidden object game. We are now going to explain to you how to play it, so that you can win it with ease. In total you will have four levels, each with a different imagine in whcih to look for clues. For the first image, you have to find nine clues, in the time given of 2 minutes. You only have three tries, so try not to click where there are now letters, because you will lose a life. The letters which you have to look for will be put on the bottom side of the screen, and when you get them, they are removed. You will browse the picture using a magnifying glass controlled by your mouse. Start looking for clues with Nick and Judy right now! Have fun!

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

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