Sloth Fracture Surgery


We are very happy to be coming back to the Zootopia Games category on our website, where right now we have managed to add a brand new game for you all to play, a game which is called Sloth Fracture Surgery, and which is a really fun and amazing one, which we are positive you are going to enjoy a lot, since games based upon this amazing 2016 Disney movie are always really great to play. Well, the game that we invite you to play right now is a game in which you will play the role of a doctor, for none other than Sloth. While Syd the Sloth moves really slow all the time, that doesn't mean that he sometimes doesn't get injured, which is what happened this time, and unfortunately, he has injured his bones, so he now has a fracture. You will need to do a surgery on the fracture, and in the next part of the description we are going to explain to you how, so make sure you pay attention! Click where you see something highlighted, and step by step, using the different medical tools and objects put at your disposal, you will manage to operate on Sloth and nurse him back to health. What are you waiting for? Start right now!

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game

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