Zootopia Judy Ear Surgery


Zootopia Judy Ear Surgery Game:Today, we have for you a new Zootopia games category game, in which you will have to be very careful and concentrated, because dear friends you will have to be a surgeon again, because Judy Hopps is ill and you will have to make sure that you can make her feel better in the shortest time. Judy has an ear infection that is hurting very bad, so she needs your help to make sure that she is going to feel better. You have to perform surgery on her ears, which is not going to be easy at all, but for your work to be easier, we already prepared all the tools and medicine that you will need to help Judy feel better, and so by the end of the game she will be able to have normal ears with your help. Enjoy! We want you to meet with a lot of fun and very interesting characters here on Mrbeangames.me

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

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